List all directories in cvs

I accidentally typed this command and recieved a list of all the cvs root directories available for checkout. Other commands to list modules did not work, but this one did. You must be in a CVS directory first.

cvs -n co .

List all modules

cvs rdiff -s -D "1/1/2037" .

With a little bit of work, I came up with this command.

cvs -n co . 2>&1 | grep directory | less

Check out a list of modules

cvs -d 
     -n checkout -p CVSROOT/modules

List Out of Date Files

cvs status 2> /dev/null | egrep '^File' | grep -v 'Up-to-date'

CVS login alias

alias cvs='cvs -d ":pserver:username@"'

Add a project to CVS

From the project directory:

cvs import -m "Test Description" dirname Company Revision


cvs import -m "Test Description" myProject GadgetWiz r_0_0_1

Tag a Branch

cvs tag myBranch

Checkout a Branch

cvs checkout -r myBranch project

Checkout main trunk

cvs checkout -r HEAD project


cvs checkout -r myBranch project

Merge branch back into main trunk

cvs co module
cvs update -j branch module

Overwrite Exisiting Branch with new branch

cvs -q update -r myBranch -C

CVS Tutorial

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