Log to Syslog from PHP

Set the following line in the /etc/syslog.conf file

local0.*                                                /var/log/php.log

Add the following code to your php script

openlog("MessageTag", LOG_PID, LOG_LOCAL0);
syslog(LOG_WARNING,"Static Text: $variable");

Make _GET, _POST variables local

php 4.2+ changed the Register Global (register_globals) setting off. This was a good choice. Unfortunately, it can brake applications. It’s probably best not to override this setting at the root level, but it’s useful to be able to override the setting as the software level:

  import_request_variables('P');  //bring $_POST vars into global scope
  import_request_variables('G');  //bring $_GET vars into global scope

PHP Constructor with parameters

I had some trouble finding an example of an extended class with a non-null parameter list. I hope this helps you

class Person {
   // Class global for name
   var $gName;

   Person($name) {
     $gName = $name;

   // Accessor Function
   getName($name = '') {

     if($name != '')
        $gName = $name;


class Employee extends Person {
   // Class global for salary
   var $gSalary;
   // Provide the Person parameters in the Employee contrcuctor
   Employee($name, $salary) {
      $gSalary = $salary;

   // Accessor Function
   getSalary($salary = '') {

     if($salary != '')
        $gSalary = $salary;