Winning the STV Fishing contest

I have to say that the STV fishing contest is the most adrenaline pumping solo event I’ve ever done in WoW. When it starts, I’m so nervous I can hear my pulse in my head and my hands start shaking. It may not affect other people this way, but it does me.

I’ve won the STV fishing contest the last three times I’ve competed (six times in total now). First with my main and then today with my alt (a second time with the alt and finally a couple more times with one more alt). I figured I would lay out my strategy. Here’s how:

  • At any time, a Horde can come out of nowhere and end your quest. All it takes is somebody killing you once and your chances are over. I’ve been fortunate and not been attacked during the contest for the last 7 weeks. The first week I tried this, I was killed four times and almost gave up. If you’re worried about it, bring some friends to protect you; I do not recommend antagonizing other players though (Horde or Alliance); that’s just mean and you may end up with somebody retaliating against you.
  • You’re competing against some very competitive players. The last two times I won, I caught 40 Speckled Tastyfish Pole and was turning in the quest at 2:16. Generally, if you’re catching more than 2 fish a minute, you have a chance.
  • Your fishing skill DOES NOT MATTER. You can win if your skill is 1 just as easily as somebody with the fishing skill of 678 (where mine is right now with a lure).
  • Know where the lure counts. It needs to land in the pool. If my lure is not completed surrounded by the pool’s discoloration, I recast. No, it doesn’t have to be in the middle part. It just needs to be in the pool. Half out of the pool is not close enough. I set my graphics to Ultra so I can see this.
  • Practice! It took me about 5 or 6 attempts to win it the first time. Plan on fishing during the entire fishing contest one week. You have a chance at getting some pretty nice fishing gear and completing the One That Didn’t Get Away at the same time. It helped me discover exactly where the bobber needed to land. Go as fast as you and time your results.
  • Make sure your cast button is bound to a single key. Don’t waste time by pressing alt-1 when you can just press 1. Chances are good you will lose if you get attacked anyway.
  • Create a macro to keep track of your fish. A simple “#showtooltip Speckled Tastyfish” shows you how many fish you have. Don’t worry if it shows a question mark when you make it, once the contest starts, it will show the Tastyfish.
  • Before it starts, set your hearth to Booty Bay. You don’t want to be flying back when they announce the winner; seconds count.
  • If somebody starts jumping in your pool on a mammoth, go to the next pool.
  • You are going to catch trash fish (stranglekelp, firefin, etc.). That’s okay. The competition is catching useless fish too. Don’t worry about it. You didn’t misplace your bobber, you just got dinged by the RNG.
  • Don’t stop at pools with people fishing them. There are more pools further down the beach and you can’t afford to be casting into a pool that is likely to disappear before you pull in a single fish.
  • If there are Alliance players fishing in pools next to you, don’t worry about it. It keeps the Horde players away.
  • I generally fish the pools dry right before the contest to get some last minute practice in. They respawn the moment the contest starts. Existing pools will disappear too. Doing this prevents people from camping where you plan to start fishing and gives you a head start.
  • You cannot hear the winner announced in Northern STV, but you can hear the contest start.
  • Know what reward you want before you start the contest. There are two: A trinket that turns you into a fish and a +40 fishing pole. Arcanite Fishing Pole or Hook of the Master Angler
  • Be there early. The fishing contest does not start at exactly 2:00 server time. Goblin watches aren’t as good as Gnome watches. It usually starts 1 to 2 minutes before that time.
  • Find where to turn the quest in before you start the contest. It’s the gnome on the crate outside the Inn in Booty Bay. He arrives and hour before the contest. You don’t need to and cannot accept a quest before you start, but you will want to know where to go after the contest. If he has a blue question mark above his head, nobody has won the contest yet.
  • Your chances are better the faster your mount. You don’t have to have the fastest mount, but it helps. Druids have a huge advantage for this contest.

My general strategy is to start as far North as I can in Northern STV and move South. When I get to the little cove just North of Gurubashi Arena, most people have already moved on and there are a ton of fishing spots. I finish the contest moving around that cove. The second I get 40 fish (2:15 or 2:16), I hearth to Booty Bay and hope my hands aren’t shaking to much to turn the quest in.

Every time I’ve done this, it’s been very exciting. It is one of the most challenging things I’ve done as a solo player. As such, it’s extremely gratifying to win. I remember winning every time I pull out my Arcanite Fishing Pole or complete my SW dailies using my Hook of the Master Angler. By the way, you can mine, pick up crabs, open traps, and pick flowers without leaving your fish form.

Good luck and happy fishing.

Danieltoon@Sargeras (Defiant)