selinux – WTF Has not having this installed EVER saved anybody in real life?

Forum Annoyances

“You really don’t want to do it that way.”

If I didn’t want to do it that way, I wouldn’t be asking the question in the first place. Other people simply cannot understand all the variables behind a choice. When somebody spends time and resources to say, “Don’t do it that way,” all they’re doing is wasting their time, the OP’s time, and the time of anybody who is Googling for the answer. If you don’t have the answer, be quiet. I don’t want opinions; I want facts.

“Why would you want to do it that way?” or “I guess I don’t understand why you want to do it that way?”

Seriously? This is just another way of giving people your opinion. I have plenty of my own opinions; I don’t need yours.

“Google it”

This is the most annoying answer possible. I rarely ever post questions to forums because the answers can be found on Google. The problem now is that Google is referencing your response to “Google It”. Thanks for the help! If you cannot add to the conversation Keep you mouth shut.

Answer the question if you find the solution

You expected other people to take time out of their day to answer your question, yet you don’t have time to help anybody else. In fact, you left a thread out there that made it harder from somebody else to find the answer because they have to read through your incomplete post first. They would have been better off if your “request for help” never existed in the first place.

Say “Thanks, I was able to figure it out”

HOW?This is worst than not posting the answer; It’s a tease for everybody else who finds the page. Provide some details! Chances are pretty good that people with the same problem who spend time to find the answer are going to find your page when they are looking for a solution. You wanted people to answer the question for you; please pass it on.