Winning the STV Fishing contest

I have to say that the STV fishing contest is the most adrenaline pumping solo event I've ever done in WoW. When it starts, I'm so nervous I can hear my pulse in my head and my hands start shaking. It may not affect other people this way, but it does me.

I've won the STV fishing contest the last three times I've competed (six times in total now). First with my main and then today with my alt (a second time with the alt and finally a couple more times with one more alt). I figured I would lay out my strategy. Here's how:

My general strategy is to start as far North as I can in Northern STV and move South. When I get to the little cove just North of Gurubashi Arena, most people have already moved on and there are a ton of fishing spots. I finish the contest moving around that cove. The second I get 40 fish (2:15 or 2:16), I hearth to Booty Bay and hope my hands aren't shaking to much to turn the quest in.

Every time I've done this, it's been very exciting. It is one of the most challenging things I've done as a solo player. As such, it's extremely gratifying to win. I remember winning every time I pull out my Arcanite Fishing Pole or complete my SW dailies using my Hook of the Master Angler. By the way, you can mine, pick up crabs, open traps, and pick flowers without leaving your fish form.

Good luck and happy fishing.

Danieltoon@Sargeras (Defiant)