On the plus side, Jumpline.com provides mod_perl. On the down side, it's barely useable.

mod_perl problems....

I've had quite a few problems with mod_perl on this account. First, there is no way to add modules. I really need to have the ability to install modules. This is the reason I purchased an account.

Secondly, if you remove mod_perl with the VDS Manager and re-install it, the httpd binary is installed without the mod_perl.so module. This is apparent when I attempt to use a PerlSetEnv parameter in the apache configuration. In any case, mod_perl is no longer available.

This last part is just a general gripe about key components your site should include for advanced users (your target customers):

I had many issues with Jumpline's mod_perl installation. Most are summarized here in my message to them.

I've removed every valueapp I could and reinstalled just the ones I needed: perl, mod_perl, MySQL, MySQL, and perl MySQL. Even though I need mod_php too, I did not install it. I wanted to verify that Apache does not recognize mod_perl directives even if I don't install mod_php. It doesn't. I wanted to verify that Apache wouldn't recognize mod_perl directives even if I reinstalled perl and mod_perl. It doesn't.

Directives I have tested include PerlSetEnv, PerlRequire, PerlWarn, PerlTaintCheck, and mod_perl's most important directive: PerlHandler. I would be very grateful to know if you support these functions. They are very important for the deployment. I understand that this customer in not the only customer you have and that I'm asking for alot, but I was told ahead of time that PerlHandler was available, and now that I've spent several hours moving websites around (without the use of scp), it's very disconcerting to find that I cannot use mod_perl directives. To add to my frustration. I'm told I cannot use mod_php if I also need to use mod_perl. I can probably write around this because I wasn't using mod_php for anything more than keeping track of include files. mod_perl, however, is required.

Could you please verify why I cannot a use mod_perl directives. Is it by design or is it a problem with my site? If it's a problem with my site, what can I do to fix it?